How I converted My 1975 Bronco from 4 wheel drum to 4 wheel disk brakes

Chevy Front Disk Brake Conversion 

Parts Needed:

  1. 2- Spindles - P/N 706528X
  2. 2- Backing Plates from 74 - 76 Chevy
  3. 2- Calipers - P/N  RH 4077 -  LH 4078 - purchased from
  4. 2- Hub/Disk combo - P/N 18A534
  5. 2- Flexible Brake Hoses - 14" long

(Click on a photo for a larger version)

Left front wheel removed, ready to start.



The Chevy spindles are longer than the Ford spindles. When reassembling you cannot use the snap-ring that holds the axle in place. The stock axles have a threaded bolt hole in the end so you can just bolt a large area washer to the end of the axle. I used heavy duty axles from Tom's Bronco Parts, these axles have no hole in the end so I had to drill and tap holes.fd2tap.jpg (98492 bytes)



The axle stubs are also slightly longer so I made a crowned washer to keep end play to a minimum and hold the axle seal in place.fd91washer.jpg (27826 bytes)



Backing plate removed, spindle ready to come off.fd3.jpg (98380 bytes)



(Click on a photo for a larger version)

 New Chevy spindle and backing plate installed.fd7back.jpg (37625 bytes)



The next hurdle to cross is the interference between the steering knuckle and the caliper.fd5grind.jpg (96271 bytes)



Some guys grind the caliper and the knuckle, I just ground away on the knuckle so when replacing the calipers its just a bolt on affair. As you can see in the photo you don't need to grind much.fd6grind.jpg (32690 bytes)



Make sure when you grind that you make room for the caliper to move. It will move in as the pads wear.fd9grind.jpg (34874 bytes)



Ready for the Calipersfd8rotor.jpg (36201 bytes)



Hey! where did that hub go... Caliper in place, brake hose connected, ready to be bled.fd92done.jpg (81367 bytes)



(Click on a photo for a larger version)

Rear Disk Brakes - Warn Full Floater Axle kit installed 
  1. Warn Brackets
  2. Front Rotors for 1980 Jeep CJ5
  3. Rear Calipers for 1985 Cadillac Eldorado  
  4. Flexible Hoses for 1985 Malibu
  5. Parking Brake Hardware from Bone Yard 

rearbrake1.jpg (35294 bytes)

parking.jpg (41241 bytes)

 After installing everything I ran into an interference problem with the shocks. To solve this I temporarily installed the shocks to the inside of the mounting bracket. I plan to relocate the shocks for more travel very soon.rearbrake2.jpg (36018 bytes)


No I didn't leave the old backing plate hanging from the parking brake cable. The cable connects to the Cadillac parking brake hardware.rearbrake3.jpg (26822 bytes)



The stock parking brake cables worked just fine. I removed the stock return spring (unwound it from the cable).parking2.jpg (58966 bytes)



Top view of parking brake cable installed (left rear, left side of photo is toward front of Bronco)parking3.jpg (34761 bytes)



After installing four wheel disk brakes I expected to be able to stand my Bronco on it's nose. Nope. The 1" master cylinder just didn't cut it. Way to much pedal travel for my liking. I chose to use a 73 Ford F-250 Camper Special 1 1/4" Dia master cylinder. Much better except for the outlet ports being on the driver side (the Bronco power brake master cyl has its ports on the passenger side).

Now we have BRAKES.